Investment Philosophy


Marcellus Investment Managers was founded in 2018 with the purpose of making wealth creation simple and accessible by being trustworthy and transparent capital allocators. We intend to achieve this by channeling household savings towards high quality Indian companies with track records of clean governance and effective capital allocation. Our approach to portfolio management doesn’t just focus on delivering healthy returns to our investors but also aims to do so by taking lower risks than investing in Indian equities markets generally. Marcellus’ core investment management team has been together for 15 years and their journey and experience over the years underpin Marcellus’ investment management philosophy. Marcellus is licensed by SEBI to offer Portfolio Management Services (PMS with SEBI registration number INP000006183) and Investment Advisory (IA) services. Our flagship investment product is the Marcellus Consistent Compounders Portfolio Management Services (CCP). CCP’s investment strategy is to invest in a concentrated portfolio of heavily moated companies that can drive healthy earnings compounding over long periods with very little volatility. The PMS is offered with performance-based fee options that align our interests with that of the investor. Furthermore, CCP is offered with no entry loads, no lock-in and no exit loads. For more details, please see our products page.



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